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“ We are a firm believer that Malaysia has some of the best engineers in the world, who are technically competent and can easily work anywhere and for anyone in the world ”.


Innovation and Engineering have been at the very core of DreamEDGE’s DNA. DreamEDGE focuses on several types of innovation, from product and process innovation, to business and service innovations. DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd has developed its’ local Research and Development (R&D) status company, recognition by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

As we generate ideas to become reality, we pilot our knowhow into a managed portfolio and these are the wellhead of the innovation flow. We have grown our innovation fueled expertise across a portfolio of unique talents such as automation, product development, system integration and styling. Through the combination of engineering, DreamEDGE spans the spectrum of developing competitive innovation at the leading edge of technology. As we are creating the next generation of ground-breaking products and technologies, professionals of engineering in DreamEDGE are always attempting to push the boundaries of the unknown. Our job of prioritising the possibilities in the innovation portfolios is never finished.

Taking a risk and losing are not obstacles to career advancement for an innovative company. We develop innovative technologies and providing solutions that satisfy our customer’s needs. We are committed in innovating and delivering to achieve the very best in what we do in the state of the art solutions through innovation and engineering. With the vision to be the partner of choice in providing a portfolio of innovative technology driven services and solutions, DreamEDGE provides the right solutions and services to meet the evolving needs and desires of consumers.