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CEO Statement

CEO Statement

“We place the progress of our human capital development as one of our top priorities”. Datuk Khairil Adri is the founding member and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd. Prior to helming DreamEDGE as its CEO in 2007, a graduate in Bachelor of Science Electronics and Engineering from Polytechnic University Japan, Datuk Khairil Adri’s career began with Digital Process Limited, Japan (DIPRO). DIPRO is a leading global provider of CAD/CAM/CAE and BOM/PDM solution and services in the engineering and manufacturing field.

When Datuk Khairil Adri was 16 years old, he was inspired by the American 80’s television series Knight Rider and built a car that could be controlled remotely. It's nothing new in today’s day and age, but back then it impressed the folks from the Geneva, Switzerland as he was awarded the young inventor award for best Malaysian Invention.

During his 10 years career stint at DIPRO, he was responsible in the development of 3D CAD environment and his portfolios included multinational companies and Japanese conglomerate, OEM companies as well as Tier 1 automotive components suppliers.

An intense young man who passionates for the industry, has brought himself back to Malaysia. He believes that there is vast potential in digital engineering technology for the country. DreamEDGE today not only has business operations in Malaysia, but has also established office and facilities in Tokyo, Japan and Istanbul, Turkey.

As it is our aspiration to be the leader in innovation where our clients, people and community will reap great benefits in any undertakings. We dare to take high risk taking that create revolutionary products as we are creating new markets in Malaysia with industrial 4.0 .

According to CEO of DreamEDGE, “We are a firm believer that Malaysia has some of the best engineers in the world, who are technically competent and can easily work anywhere and for anyone in the world. Malaysia has a lot of potential to be the hub of digital engineering services for region”.

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Datuk Khairil Adri Adnan

CEO Quote

"...we place the progress of our human capital development as one of our top priorities..."