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Sosyal Beceriler Programı (SSP)

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Most people spend about twelve hours a day communicating or interpreting communications. We cannot ‘not’ communicate. Even silence is a form of communication. Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively in today’s highly competitive world is no longer an option, but a necessity. For some, this ability seems to come naturally, yet for the rest, this skill is something that has to be worked on with extra effort. This 2-days course equipts participants with knowledge of successful communication techniques to develop interpersonal skills to ultimately become a better communicator at home and at workplace.

  • Anyone who wants to master the art of communication at home and at workplace.
  • Identify 4 communication styles and match them with your own styles.
  • Identify the filters and roadblocks that undermine the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Practice effective communication skills and techniques to get understanding and commitment.
  • Apply assertive communication skills – differentiating assertiveness from aggression.
  • Express one’s inner-self honestly and openly to enable others to better understand the person
  • Resolve conflicts through proper communication

    Program sonrasında katılımcılardan beklenenler:

  • Analyse their interpersonal communication skills and make improvements that will enable personal effectiveness in a range of situations.
  • Recognise different types of barriers to interpersonal communication and find ways to overcome those that are relevant to their workplace.
  • Feel more confident when dealing with a range of situations to improve workplace relationships and customer service.
  • Eğitim materyali : İngilizce
  • Eğitmen : Malayca ve/veya İngilizce
  • Activities
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Communication Gap
  • Communication Style
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Winning Communication Techniques
  • Case Study and Role Play

Public Training

  • Date : 20 - 21 Mar 2018
  • Vanue : Klang Valley

RM 1,750.00

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