CAD Software Programme

Program Overview

The course covers on General Design, Structural Design and Design for Assembly. It includes tutorials (trainee will be guided by instructor), exercises (self-training) and comprehensive design project that enable participant to practice new skills by creating surface design and surface analysis.

  • CATIA Generative Shape Design-GSD
  • Design Engineer
  • Tooling Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Others needing to perform Wireframe and Surface design work in CATIA software
  • To design a product by using sheet metal & plastic part design consideration.
  • To learn about material used in sheet metal & plastic part design.
  • To understand manufacturing process and defect that may occurs.
  • To understand the structural design for sheet metal & plastic part.
  • `
  • To do sheet metal & plastic part assembly.

    Participant will be able to:

  • Create and design sheet metal & plastic part based on design consideration such as tooling direction, draft angle and so on.
  • Learn the manufacturing process for both sheet metal & plastic part.
  • Training material : English language
  • Lecture : Malay and/or English language
  • Software demonstration
  • Activities
  • Q&A
  • Introduction to Plastic Part
  • Plastic Part General Part
  • Plastic Part Structural Design
  • Plastic Part Design for Assembly
  • Sheet Metal Introduction
  • Sheet Metal General Design
  • Sheet Metal Structural Design
  • Sheet Metal Design for Assembly

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