Soft Skill Programme

Program Overview

In today’s less structured and information-driven workplace, our daily dilemma is that we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. With critical deadlines, competing and/or changing priorities and an avalanche of information to digest, individuals often feel overwhelmed if not stressed. Being able to manage time effectively is basic to managing individual and organisational performance. This course will provide a practical examination of time management issues facing the participants and help participants to: understand their own time management problems; establish and maintain a system for prioritising; plan their time, identify and change their poor work habits. With effective time management skills, participants will be able to better manage the daily challenge of their professional and personal responsibilities to enjoy life outside of work.

  • Anyone who wish to get more out of life and get more done in the time they have available.
  • To balance the conflicting demands of time for leisure, earning money and other.
  • To have some skills for effective time management.
  • To know how to organising time by Identify areas of life where wasting time.
  • To set meaningful goals and objectives.
  • To empathise and relate well to people especially in group projects.
  • To prioritise, manage and plan more effectively.
  • To improve health & social life.

    Participant will be able to:

  • Know and understand the difference of important and urgent of time management.
  • Know how to overcome “I DON’T HAVE TIME” syndrome.
  • Manage YOUR TIME with full potential.
  • Maximise application of the principles of time management to increase productivity on the job and at home, and enhance the quality of work with less stress.
  • Understand and recognise the different work styles, and learn to better understand self.
  • Empathise and relate well to people especially in group projects.
  • Training material : English language
  • Lecture : Malay and/or English language
  • Activities
  • Q&A
  • Key to Effective Time Management
  • Time Management & Stress: Creating Work-Life Balance
  • Mastering Time & Managing Goals Setting
  • Stress Relieve Busters

In-House Training