Soft Skill Programme

Program Overview

Part of being an effective trainer / teacher / lecturer / facilitator involves understanding how adults learn best. Compared to children and teens, adults have special needs and requirements as learners. They have different motivation and goals in learning, and have own experience that they would like to relate to learning. At present, there are many studies on methodologies and principles of adult learning to ensure learning takes place effectively and efficiently. This 2-days course provides participants with a variety of teaching methodologies to cater for adult learners with varied level of intelligences and learning styles.

  • Trainer, teacher, lecturer, facilitator who want to improve their teaching methods to make it become more effective and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Explain the principles of pedagogy and andragogy.
  • Identify 6 adult learning motivation factors.
  • Elaborate teaching strategies in detail and be able to demonstrate how it is used.
  • Use Gagne’s 9-step technique for giving instruction.
  • List down learning and teaching styles.
  • Provide more effective teaching methodology for differing learning styles.

    Participant will be able to:

  • Establish an effective learning environment in adult learning.
  • Teaching with confidence.
  • Implement the best method in adult learning.
  • Practice multiple ideas and method to approach student.
  • Improve teaching quality.
  • Training material : English language
  • Lecture : Malay and/or English language
  • Activities
  • Q&A
  • Pedagogy vs. Andragogy
  • Teaching Strategies
  • The Teaching Structure
  • Management Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Practice Multiple Teaching Methodologies

In-House Training