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Electronics & Systems

With the rapid expansion of the technology sector over the last few decades, the demand for people who can develop, understand and alter electronic control systems has risen accordingly. In DreamEDGE, we house these experts in this field on the idea of improving systems to help humanity for a better tomorrow.

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We commit in revolutionising the way all of us communicate so that we can live in a more comfortable way without feeling less secure of this rising technology. If customers like the idea of creating a system which could help millions of people on a day to day basis, they have every reason to get services from the experts to achieve their very missions.

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System Design


Circuit Design and Wiring

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Electronic Circuit Design and Development

In DreamEDGE, we have extensive experience in developing complex electronic systems including stand-alone systems and add-on PCB circuits for products in various industries. Types of services included under Electronic Circuit Design and Development are;

  • Designing new electronic schematic
  • Designing PCB layout from new design or re-design schematic provided by customer
  • PCB assembly for through hole and surface mounted part
  • New or old PCB assembly provider

Embedded System Design

DreamEDGE’s system experts have experience with a variety of platforms. They have a command of the most advances programming languages and popular operating systems. Types of services included under Embedded System Design are;

  • Embedded system design for new system and current system by using embedded programming software
  • New system design for microcontroller either AVR or ARM
  • Embedded communication of USART, SPI, ethernet, I2 C, 3G/4G, and CAN communication
  • Embedded system display
    • Offline and online display from embedded system
    • Communication interface


Our team is capable of designing system interface for machines and software with the focus on maximising usability and the user experience.
Types of services included under Interface System Design are;

  • Android / iOS application design
    • Android and iOS-based programming and design
    • Real time monitoring and controlling system via smart phone
    • Android hardware interface
  • Windows and web system design
    • Web-based design and programming for electronics
    • Real-time monitoring system via web and windows application


Electrical power and control signals must be delivered to devices in the vehicle reliably and safely, so the functions are not impaired or converted to hazards. We achieve this goal through careful circuit design, prudent component selection, and practical equipment location. Types of services included under Vehicle Design and Wiring are;

  • Vehicle wiring circuit design
  • CATIA wiring layout design
  • Vehicle CAN communication
  • Modified or new harness installation