It Does One Thing; Being an Economic Anchor of The Nation

Naval Engineering

How the Italy-made dream car of yours comes to your country? How does country import or export goods? Ships. Here comes the importance of naval engineering; determining whether industries can function. Most of our non-perishable goods are shipped by boat, and again, tanker ship is a necessity in our world to supply fossil fuels. This discipline plays essential roles in countries, economies, and industries.

Propel your business thousands of miles away

Although naval engineering seems to provide a small contribution to today’s world, its presence is larger than expected. In DreamEDGE, we deal with the engineering design process, shipbuilding, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures; so that you can keep on rely on seafaring and do your business via marine transport.

naval engineering support customer

Equipment Development and Industrialization
Systems Development and Integration
Logistic, maintenance and risk management
Manufacturing & quality integration
Prototyping & low volume production

The Solution


Naval engineering play roles in the construction of ship and other floating vessels that normally takes place in shipyard. It involves research, design, and development during all stages of the life of these vessels.

Design and Calculation
Order Preparation
Industrial Files and Tools
Flow Management
Arrangement and Preparation
Anomalies Management

systems development and integration

System development and integration is an important element for the construction of ships; especially naval combat ships. In particular, the impeccable combat system integration together with the sensors and weapons can ensure the combat compatibility and survivability of the ship.

Functional Studies and Plan Creation
Structures and Fluids Calculations
Equipment Integration
Qualification Tests

equipment development and industrialization

As the naval industry expands, more and more ships and other floating vessels need to be developed. Accurate and efficient planning and scheduling of the production process is becoming increasingly important and complex..

Design, Drawings, and Calculations
Anomaly Management
Tooling And Manufacturing Processes
Conformity Management and Tests

logistic, maintenance and risk management

Companies should consider safety management against all identified risks. They should be well organised and planned if assessment and responses are meant to be completed and act effectively, and also the entire exercise should be documented in drafts or amendments so as to provide evidence of the decision-making process.

Safety Studies
Maintenance Plans
Risks and Logistic Support analysis
Conformity Management and Tests